OK so my goal for May is 16K of short storys (or maybe a combo of short stories and the Novel I started) 

Wish me luck. 

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I finished the first third of A Daughter of Dvalin but I haven't gotten around to starting the second part. I have the idea written down I jsut haven't been able to get around to it. 

I am starting on a short romance though.  I'm hopeing for another 20K month in May. 


Day twenty

In all likelyhood this is the last time I am going to post before April 14th

Todays count: 627
Story Total: 15561

if I rough draft at about 16 K per part it should put me at about 50K.  When I get back I'm gonna jump into part two and work on rough drafting itfor a month or so and then on to part three.  Come hell or high water I'm going to finish this.



day 18

today's count: 1240
this weeks count:  4053
Challenge total: 12927 (+ 411)
Story total: 14934

411 from an unrelated story

I'll be leavign for 9 days on Monday and this section of this story is almost done.  I don't know if I will be writting while I am gone.