Day 15

Yeah yeah I know it's early - but I'm going to be going out for the night and I want to take a shower and get some other things done

today's count: 1544
this weeks count:  1544
Challenge total: 10418 (+ 411)
Story total: 12425

411 from an unrelated story

I'm half way through what I wanted to get done in a month, I only wish I had the full  month to work on it - I only have 9 days left.  sigh*

Day ten

today's count: 411 but totaly unrelated to the story I'm working on.  Because I am bad.

today's count: 1257
this weeks count: 2986
Challenge total: 7406
Story total: 9413

day five

todays count: 124
this weeks count: 3849
Story total: 5856
I may have to up my weekly word count to get to 20K before I leave for OH sigh*